Sunday, August 14, 2011

Confusion Complicates Matters for the Jefferson County Public Library System

Jefferson County group rallies around protecting library funding. (Denver Post, 8/14/2011)

Excerpt:   Angered by what he sees as an improper use of library funds, Atkins and his wife, Alice, founded Save Jeffco Libraries. The group of about 30 residents, including some other former library trustees, has held six public meetings this summer on the idea of creating a library district.

The group is working separately from the library and its board, and while both library executives and county commissioners say the citizens have good intentions, their work is complicating 2012 budget talks underway now and is straining relations between the library and county.

The debate over forming a district comes as libraries across the nation struggle with budget cuts, and as residents in other parts of Colorado are also considering forming separate districts

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TommyGuy said...

Thanx for posting this, Paul. More people need to know that the library's funding trouble is not just the rotten economy. It's also rotten county government.