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Fort Atkinson City Council Honors Library Director Connie Meyer

Congratulations, Connie!

April 5, 2010, Groundbreaking

Fort Atkinson City Council fetes Meyer for Foster Growth efforts. (Daily Union, 7/20/2011)

Excerpt: The Fort Atkinson City Council on Tuesday recognized Connie Meyer for her work on the expansion and renovation of the Dwight Foster Public Library.

Meeting in regular session, the council adopted a resolution formally saluting the library director for her leadership efforts in the Foster Growth campaign and building project, as well as her career overall.

Ann Engelman, Fort Atkinson Library Board chairperson, wrote and introduced the resolution to the council on behalf of the board of directors.

The resolution notes that "the Dwight Foster Public Library is the community center helping all people achieve their full potential by being a leading resource for information, education, culture and recreation."

It recognizes Meyer's work with the library for 28 years, including the last 19 of "dedicated and selfless leadership as library director," and cites a number of examples of achievements Meyer has accomplished during her tenure.

"Whereas, Connie effectively communicated, sought and gained approval from the city council and the community to move forward in a public/private venture to modernize, expand and renovate the Dwight Foster Public Library; and whereas Connie monitored budgets working with architects, engineers, a fundraising committee, a building construction committee, public art committee, the library board and the city council while maintaining the same pace required of a library director," reads the resolution.

"Now therefore, be it resolved that Connie Meyer, officially, be recognized for her dedication to the Dwight Foster Library the past 28 years and for her leadership, guidance, and vision before, during and after the "Foster Growth" Library Expansion Project," the resolution concludes.

Council members each expressed additional accolades for Meyer's 28 years of service

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