Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chattahoochee 6-Month Update

Teen's six-month library ban ends. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2/28/2011)

Excerpt: Claudya Muller, the director of the Chattahoochee Valley Regional Library System, previously told the newspaper the ban “had nothing to do with what he was saying, but he was warned multiple times. ... As people came in, he would approach them. He prevented people from simply using the library.”

Caleb, whose parents are missionaries, lives with his family in a cabin in east Alabama. He said the library ban did not deter his efforts to share his faith.

“It didn’t make me very mad, and I’ve been praying for the people there,” he said. “It made me draw closer to the Lord. … I like to witness. The Lord is doing great things, praise the Lord.”

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