Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DSL Reports on Wisconsin's Broadband Stimulus Giveback

Wisconsin First State To Give Back Broadband Stimulus.  (DSL Reports, 2/15/2011)

Excerpt:    What the Journal Sentinel doesn't really tell you is that if the BadgerNet operation had taken this new federal funding -- it likely would have opened AT&T's agreement with the state to new federal regulatory scrutiny and put a very large AT&T cash cow at risk. AT&T historically has a very cozy relationship with Wisconsin lawmakers, and has quite a good thing going with BadgerNet, which charges dlocal institutions $600 or more a month for aging T1 1 Mbps connectivity. As we've discussed in the past, AT&T's regulatory capture in the state has resulted in no limit of government protectionism, and AT&T has fought efforts by the University of Wisconsin to create fiber alternatives to the very expensive BadgerNet.

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