Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Terry Dawson on His Retirement

Link to August 17 Appleton Post-Crescent, "Appleton Public Library director Terry Dawson to retire".

Excerpt: Appleton Public Library director Terry Dawson has announced plans to retire in January, capping nearly 33 years of service with the city.

The library board, which meets today, has a few months to fill the position.

"I've had so many opportunities to work with good people on the library staff, the library board, the Friends of the Library. This is just a great place to work," Dawson, 62, said Monday. "It's actually a hard place to leave even after 32 years."

But it was something he'd been thinking about for the past few years, especially after his wife, Marsha, retired two years ago.

The announcement comes amid discussions by the Common Council's Capital Facilities Committee over a future expansion of the heavily used library. No final decisions have been reached.

Leaders expressed confidence Dawson has positioned the library well and conversations would continue.

Let me be one of the first to say that Terry has indeed positioned the Appleton Public Library well.  In fact, we are all in a better state for having him in the library profession.

Congratulations, Terry!  You have much to be proud of, and we have much to admire, in your exemplary career.

Welcome to the Retiring Guy Club.

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Terry Dawson said...

Thanks for the kinds words, Paul. I can only hope to be half as productive in retirement as you have been.