Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Madison, Wisconsin: 2009 Resident Satisfaction Survey


Excerpt from Overview page.

The City of Madison’s annual resident satisfaction survey is mailed to 1,000 randomly selected households. Fifty are sent to each of our 20 aldermanic districts. A representative sample is built using a random selection of addresses from Madison Gas & Electric (MGE). This list includes both homeowners and renters.

This survey is the second of three annual surveys conducted on the City’s behalf by the University of

Wisconsin’s Survey Center. The 2009 survey was deployed in two waves of mailings – one on September 11 and the second on October 9.

A sample of the 2009 survey instrument follows this summary. The survey featured five general questions relating to:

  • Overall quality of life
  • Satisfaction with 16 City services (Table1)
  • Importance of the same 16 City services (Table 2)
  • Overall service quality
  • Additional comments (open ended).

Table 1: Satisfaction

Table 2: Importance

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