Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wausau Daily Herald Could Have Asked a Librarian for Advice

Link to September 17 Editor & Publisher post, "'Wausau Daily Herald' ignites debate on anonymous posting".

Google this story
and you'll discover that the Wausau Daily Herald is on the receiving end of a well-deserved barrage of ridicule for its decision to reveal the identity of a reader who posted an anonymous comment about Dean Zuleger, administrator of Weston, a Wausau suburb. Zuleger was the controversial recipient of the paper's "Person of the Year" award. According to E&P's report, one reader suggested that Zuleger's "third chin should have been nominated".

Reminds me of a Joan Rivers' joke.

Here's the key quote: The paper has since apologized for turning over the address, and its corporate parent, Gannett Co., has clarified its policies on anonymous speech. The paper will now release information only if ordered by a court or if a comment contains a threat of imminent harm.

Sticks and stones..............

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