Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Your tax dollars at work: Big Brotherism, Inc. operates out of Robin Vos's Capitol office

Reported in Heightened scrutiny: Speaker Robin Vos has increased oversight of Gov. Tony Evers' administration.  (Capital Times, 1/22/2020)

14 -- count -em --14 Staff:
Kit Beyer
Evan Bradtke
Abbey Fabick
Steve Fawcett
Joe Handrick
Adam King
Amanda Ledtke
Ashley Luke
Alicia Schweitzer
Heather Smith
Moriah Thiry
Jenny Toftness
Gary Vossekuil
Jesse Wilson

His Fitziness manages to get by with just 8.

According to Merriam-Webster, the first known use of 'Big Brotherism' (authoritarian attempts at complete control as of a person or a nation occurred), in 1950.

Other coinages from the same year include:
  1. ayatollah
  2. brainwashing
  3. bug out
  4. closed-door
  5. dicey
  6. mug shot
  7. Orwellian

12/13/2019 update, "Southwest Wisconsin county officials attempt to quash freedom of the press", starts here.

Photo credits:  Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (Meyers, Keeney),
SWNews4U (Haas)

Lafayette County resolution that sought to prosecute reporters began at the top.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/12/2019)
According to emails released through a state public records request, Iowa County Board chairman John Meyers on Oct. 31 sent Grant and Lafayette county officials suggestions for the resolution, including to stress to the media that “under no circumstances are they to be allowed to glean information and selectively report it in order to twist results.”
Maybe make the press sign a cooperation agreement,” Meyers wrote to Lafayette County economic development director Abby Haas and Grant County Board Chairman Bob Keeney. “Threaten to prosecute them for slander.”
PDF of emails.

12/8/2019 update, "What Robert Brania said", starts here.

Reported in The Wisconsin National Guard gave sexual assault accusers waiver forms to avoid police.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/6/2019)

Original 12/6/2019 post, "Office of former GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel messes with National Guard sexual assault and harassment investigation", starts here.

Photo found at Urban Milwaukee

Email shows former DOJ leaders coordinated with Wisconsin National Guard to keep feds out of sexual assault investigations.  (Capital Times, 12/5/2019)

Original 11/13/2019 post starts here

Quoted in Wisconsin lawmakers are divided once again — this time over a tree.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/12/2019)

The votes, mapped.  (Lena Taylor likes Christmas, too.)

This tree is ready to dance in celebration!

Photo by Retiring Guy's dad (cropped)

Related reading:
Are Christmas trees pagan?  Inside the origins of the evergreen tradition.  (Newsweek, 12/11/2018)
Because of their pagan roots, American settlers were not quick to jump on the Christmas tree trend. German settlers were the first to introduce the indoor evergreen to the new country, but it didn't go over smoothly, according to the History Channel. 
The newly-settled Puritans were big supporters of Christmas, and wildly oppose the pagan influence. Early government officials, including William Bradford and Oliver Cromwell, tried to destroy new Christmas traditions of decorating, dismissing them as "heathen" and "pagan mockery." In 1659, the General Court of Massachusetts even made a law that celebrating Christmas was illegal. The only thing allowed was church attendance: no decorations, especially trees, should be seen.

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