Sunday, February 11, 2018

'A pop of red' in the bedroom: Too dark? Too much? Too many pillows?

Photo by Retiring Guy

Yes, your bedroom impacts your sex life, one researcher says. Here's how.  (Pros to Know, 2/9/2018)
"Whether you opt for a throw pillow, a lightbulb or lingerie draped over the bedpost, a pop of red has the potential to help reignite the spark. The color red is not only associated with love, passion and sex, but research suggests that it enhances attraction regardless of gender," she says. 
"Psychological research suggests that red has the potential to heighten energy, increase heart rate, and intensify emotional response — all of which can be harnessed for sensual and intimate pleasure," she points out. In one study, heterosexual women deemed men more attractive if their photograph was taken against a red background than white.

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