Monday, October 10, 2016

Atlantic City excess: Trump Taj Mahal closes for good today

Published February 17, 2016  (It's worth 5:58 of your time.)

Trump Taj Mahal closes for the last time Monday morning.  (Press of Atlantic City, 10/10/2016)

The 5th casino in Atlantic City to close since 2014.

Trump Taj Mahal leaves a legacy of excess.  (Press of Atlantic City, 10/10/2016)
While it cost more than $1 billion to build, Trump had approximately $750 million in debt on the property and had to generate at least $1 million per day to pay the $100 million in interest to break even. Despite the debt on the property, Trump was still bullish about the casino. 
“I think that it will be very successful,” Trump said during the opening. “I thought it would be a tremendous boost for Atlantic City and I think it will be. It’s just what Atlantic City needs.”
Source:  Wikipedia

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