Sunday, March 6, 2016

ARG poll scrambles Michigan primary picture, puts Kasich in 1st

Best to keep our eyes on the averages, tho.

Related reading:
Poll: Kasich pulls ahead of Trump in Michigan.  (The Hill, 3/5/2016)
It is the only poll, to date, to survey respondents after the 3/3 GOP debacle debate.  Michigan heads to polls on Tuesday. The survey was conducted March 4-5, after the last Republican debate, which was characterized by heated arguments between the candidates that Kasich managed to steer clear of.

Was Michigan poll showing Kasich on top a blip?  (Columbus Dispatch, 3/6/2016)
Released Sunday, but the majority of the polling was conducted prior to the debate.  But two Michigan polls released Sunday morning suggested the good-news Kasich poll may be an outlier. CBS and NBC-Wall Street Journal polls showed near-identical results. The average: Trump, 40 percent; Cruz, 23 percent; Rubio, 17 percent; and Kasich, 14 percent, leaving him in danger of not receiving any Michigan delegates.

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