Monday, November 23, 2015

Ted Cruz proudly shows off his anti-science chops

As quoted in Ted Cruz: ‘Climate Change Is Not Science. It’s Religion.’  (Climate Progress, 10/30/2015)

As you would expect, Cruz subscribes to the narrowest possible view.

Note that the highlighted sense of 'deny' -- as well as all of the others, for that matter -- doesn't include the qualifying phrase 'of religious doctrine'

Candidate Cruz seems to beyond the reach of remedial education.

AP FACT CHECK: On climate science, most GOP candidates fail.   (, 11/23/2015)

Cruz, apparently, is setting himself up for an ignominious fall.

A majority of Republicans — including 54 percent of self-described conservative Republicans — believe the world’s climate is changing and that mankind plays some role in the change, according to a new survey conducted by three prominent Republican pollsters.

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