Friday, August 14, 2015

Sounds to me as though Jeff Scott's initial tally of 2,274 weeded books falls well outside the bounds of "an honest mistake"

From the viewer's vantage point, not exactly a smoking gun.

Berkeley rally condemns library weeding "cover-up".  (Contra Costa Times, 8/13/2015)

Who's in charge here?
In an interview after Wednesday's rally, Scott said actually 18,000 items had been discarded, admitting to "an honest mistake."

Asked whether the 18,000 figure was correct, given that librarians claim to have uncovered around 35,000 discarded items, Scott said, "I'm still researching that."
The problem, he explained, was a computer system change: weeded items were deleted rather than marked "withdrawn," which meant he didn't know about the thousands of discarded books.
When he understood the error, "I had someone from technical services run the report and I found (the 17,947 deleted items) yesterday," he said.

All of a sudden I got this guy on my mind.

Jeff has been on the job less than a year.

Jeff's letter to the Timberland Regional Library staff & community.

From 2012.

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