Thursday, January 29, 2015

Barbie's Not So Beautiful Anymore

Shake-Up at Mattel as Barbie Loses Her Appeal.   (The New York Times, 1/26/2015)

Barbie's a grandma.
For many years, one of Mattel’s core toys, Barbie, who turns 56 this year, has faded in relevance for many girls even as Mattel has issued new models of the doll, carrying a briefcase or driving the latest roadster.

Not so far, Leonid Bershidsky tells us.

The death of Barbie has been greatly exaggerated.  (Chicago Tribune, 1/28/2015)
Like most parents this century, my wife and I have encountered plenty of such criticism. There's a lot of truth to it: We wouldn't like our younger daughter to grow up craving clothes, handbags and "3-story dream townhouses." Nor would we want her to strive for that too-perfect figure, and as for that pouty face, I hope I never see our 4-year-old Nina wearing it. So we never bought her a Barbie -- until she asked for one.

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