Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Knee Defender: Little Gadget Causes Big Problems

Price:  $21.95

United flight diverted after passengers fight over legroom.  (Washington Post, 8/26/2014)

Literally?  A woman and a man — both seated in the “Economy Plus” section of the aircraft, which already comes with extra legroom — were at each other's throats because the man attached a “knee defender” device to his seat, preventing the woman in front from reclining, according the Associated Press. 

Legroom wars: the device that stops plane seats reclining.  (The Telegraph, 6/6/2014)

Where there's a will.  It is the work of Ira Goldman, a 6ft 4in Washington DC resident, who wanted to help other tall travellers fed up with being “bashed in the knees over and over again” while on a flight.

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