Saturday, August 23, 2014

Papa Murphy's Makes Return Engagement to Stonefield Glen Shopping Plaza

The take-and-bake pizza chain used to occupy another space within this plaza from 2000 to 2005.

In other jumping-around business news, Cost Cutters has recently moved into a space previously occupied by Great Clips.

Klinke's and The Nitty Gritty are the stalwarts of this plaza.  Klinke's was there at the creation -- 1993 -- and Madison-based Nitty Gritty opened its second restaurant here in 2002.

Stonefield's Neighborhood Grill was the original occupant of The Nitty Gritty space.  It remained in business until 1998 and would probably get my vote for the most family-friendly restaurants we've ever patronized.

From a letter to Mom written on March 11, 1995.   Except for the fact that JoAnna is not here, the weekend is off to a routine start. After picking the boys up at Little Red [Preschool] yesterday, we made our usual Friday evening pilgrimage to Hollywood Video. Andy found a copy of The Lion King; Eddie picked out some sing-along title. Then we walked to the other end of the shopping strip and ate dinner at Stonefield’s, where Andy played video games, Eddie with Legos, until our food arrived. Since this restaurant caters to kids, we eat here regularly.

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