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The company Scott Walker keeps UPDATE: Sen. Mike Lee wants more of them there American babies

Sen. Mike Lee: Real Solution To Fight Climate Change Is To Have More Children.  (Real Clear Politics, 3/26/2019)

 3/10/2016 update, "Getting to Know Ted Cruz and Scott Walker by the company they keep (Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, Edition), starts here. 

Cruz lands first Senate endorsement: Mike Lee The nod comes as the Texas senator is trying to make nice with the GOP establishment.  (Politico, 3/10/2016)
I would not use "establishment" to describe Mike Lee, or even insinuate that he fits this category.  "The overwhelming majority of Republican senators have not endorsed anyone, I expect that will change," he went on to say. “I expect I’ll be the first of many Republican senators who will endorse Ted Cruz. I'm confident more are on the way, and I welcome others to join." 
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Study: Utah’s Mike Lee is most extreme senator.  (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/25/2016)
Elected in 2010, he has been a leader in the tea-party movement. As a result, he's often been to the right of most Republicans on major issues from the budget to health care to immigration. He has been willing to take more extreme measures, including a standoff that led to a government shutdown, to fight against the Affordable Care Act. He also has cast himself as a conservative thought leader.

Original Scott Walker 3/26/2014 solo post begins here.

Citation for quote.  Exclusive interview: Gov. Scott Walker's limited government pragmatism. (Washington Examiner, 3/24/2014)

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