Monday, December 2, 2013

At This Time of the Year?

Well, no, actually, but this isn't a headline you expect to see in a Wisconsin newspaper in December.

June to early October = 127 days.  The Department of Natural Resources issued 13 citations at the beach between June and early October this year. All were for sex, and 11 were issued on weekends. Those numbers are down from 2012's totals, but wardens said the problem is far more prevalent than the numbers suggest. All the citations were issued during just seven days of surveillance and some people seen having sex ran off before wardens could cite them.

"...shifted the hanky panky to the weekend."    DNR to close all of Mazomanie Beach on weekdays.  (DNR news release, 3/19/2013)
The New York Times raises an eyebrow.  On the Beach, in the Buff. In Wisconsin?  (7/9/2012)

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