Friday, November 22, 2019

Verona Road project UPDATE. One year later, done

New, expanded Verona Road opening this weekend.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/9/2019)
Construction crews will be working “day and night” to complete the remaining tasks and shift Verona Road traffic onto the new three lanes in both directions under Williamsburg Way and over Highway PD, DOT spokesman Steven Theisen said in a statement. 
Overhead signs will help motorists navigate the area, including the interchange ramps to access the local roadways, Theisen said.

10/19/2018 update, " Five years later, we're in stage 2, phase 2", starts here. 

And then there's this view at Williamsburg Road
Photo by Retiring Guy

Original 8/13/2013 post, "Stage 1, Phase 1 of the Verona Road (US18/151) Project", starts here.

In all stages and phases,it's a biggie, folks.

Stage 1. proposed improvements include: 
  • Single point interchange at Beltline and Verona Road (US 18/151) 
  • Jug-handle intersection at Verona Road (US 18/151) and Summit Road 
  • Ramp improvements at Whitney Way and Seminole Highway 
  • Improved pedestrian and bicycle accommodations 
  • Adding noise walls 
  • Expansion of the Beltline to three lanes to Whitney Way

Perhaps the biggest dislocation right now is the closure of the Seminole Road bridge over the Beltline.  The interchange and bridge are being reconstructed.

Wouldn't you just love to have the Beltline to yourself just once?  (A variation on a Twilight Zone theme.)

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