Friday, July 12, 2013

Tin-Foil Hat Pander Alert: As a Former Fond du Lac City Council Member, Jeremy Thiesfeldt Should Know Better

"Paranoia strikes deep.  Into your life it will creep."

This video is about electric smart meters.  All that's missing is a tin-foil hat.

Thiesfeldt introduces 'smart meter' opt-out bill. (Fond du Lac Reporter, 7/11/2013)

Excerpt: Kathy Scharf, water operations manager for the City of Fond du Lac, said the city would not share or sell information about water usage. She said the city has no way of knowing water and air temperature, computer usage or other data that some systems are capable of gleaning. 

The city’s new metering system has been installed at more than 15,000 properties. 

“We have caught a lot of problems when somebody has high (water) usage,” Scharf said, explaining that a staff member reviews a list daily and can see when someone may have inadvertently left a hose running or there are water problems inside a vacant property.

Thiesfeldt says he is responding to the plight of an elderly widow from Baraboo.  Last time I checked Audrey Parker isn't a constituent.

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