Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jenna Marbles' Star Shines Bright on YouTube

The Woman With1 Billion Clicks,Jenna Marbles. (The New York Times, 4/12/2013)

15,000,000+ of them here.

The standard approach to this new entertainment genre:
  • Length:  Between 5 and 8 minutes.
  • Filming the video:  
    • Talk to the camera
    • Make eye contact with your audience.
    • Keep your face mobile:  the more exaggerated the expression, the better
  • Editing the video:  Jump cuts are de rigueur.
  • Upload to YouTube and rack up views.

Jenna's ingredients for success (from NYT summary)
  • Comedy
  • Sex appeal
  • Puppies
  • Social commentary
  • Profanity

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