Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Helen Gurley Brown 1922-2012

50 years after its publication, there are no copies available in LINKcat

Gave ‘Single Girl’ a Life in Full (Sex, Sex, Sex).  (Obituary in the New York Times, 8/13/2012)

Excerpt:  Before she arrived at Cosmopolitan, Ms. Brown had already shaken the collective consciousness with her best-selling book “Sex and the Single Girl.” Published in 1962, the year before Betty Friedan ignited the modern women’s movement with “The Feminine Mystique,” it taught unmarried women how to look their best, have delicious affairs and ultimately bag a man for keeps, all in breathless, aphoristic prose. (Ms. Brown was a former advertising copywriter.)

Sex and the Single Girl debuts on the New York Times best seller list, July 1, 1962

Bad Girls Go Everywhere:  The Life of Helen Gurley Brown.  (Reviewed in the New York Times, 4/24/2009)

Excerpt:  Beginning in the early 1960s, Brown, who had married at 37 and remained childless, advocated for the primacy of work in women’s lives, rejecting essentialist ideas about motherhood and believing women ought to delay marriage, or forgo it entirely, largely on the grounds that it made them less fun. Without sovereignty over her body, no woman, she felt, could achieve the erotic fantasia necessary for human fulfillment, and to that end, the ’70s would find her marching for Naral.

Variety movie review, 12/31/1963.

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