Thursday, July 5, 2012

You Can Run but You Can't Hide: The Library Reciprocal Borrowing Version

Are you a library scofflaw?   (Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 7/4/2012)

Excerpt:   Washington and Dakota county libraries are pursuing a $47,000 federal grant to try out a library card verification system that would tell them instantly if someone from the neighboring county is a good bet as a book borrower. 

People increasingly use libraries where they work or visit, not just where they live, and a computer link between library patron accounts would stop people from ducking fines for overdue materials at their home libraries and skipping to another county to get books.

Twin Cities' metro counties

The grant request has been filed through the Minnesota Department of Education State Library Agency. A decision is expected the week of July 29. If approved and the system is installed, Schneider anticipates it could be in place by October.

Multi-county shared automation system, such as LINK, help to address this problem.

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