Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Library Erects Temporary Fence to Keep Out the 4th of July Crazies

Utah Library fences off grounds from parade campers, partiers. (Daily-Herald, 7/2/2012)

Excerpt: The fence also will mark a departure from past years, when the library became a de facto gathering spot and party nexus for revelers camping out the night before the parade. Nelson said that in 2011, revelers fired bottle rockets at library windows, threw fireworks at police and consumed alcohol. Nearby, there was even a report of a knifing. The fence, he said, is designed to disperse the crowds and decrease danger. 

"Without equivocation it's the most dangerous spot on the parade route," he said. 

Library officials decided to install the fence after consulting with police and parade officials. Provo police Lt. Brandon Post agreed with Nelson that the objective was to protect people and property.

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