Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 4: Worth the Wait (View from the Chimera Gallery of Notre Dame)

With the boys moving slowly at the start of Day 4 -- Andy's been fighting a cold since before we left Wisconsin and Eddie had a touch of the blahs -- JoAnna and I spent the morning on our own.

After an espresso at a nearby restaurant, we walked to Notre Dame and waited 2 hours to enjoy 10 minutes of the spectacular views shared in this post.

We wanted to take advantage of today's sunny conditions, as rain is in the forecast each day through the end of our visit. (Though it looks as though we'll see the sun again on the metro ride to the airport.)

Even with the sun, it's on the chilly side, thanks to a 15 mph wind. Odd that a family from South Dakota that we met complained about this fact.

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