Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Apartment on Rue Pecquay

Thanks to a lead from Judy Sidran, we're renting a two-room, second-floor, walk-up apartment in the Marais neighborhood. The building is located on Rue Pacquay, a block-long street so narrow it's one-way by default.

We learned this lesson in travel planning five years ago while preparing for a trip to New Brunswick to attend Congres Mondial, an international reunion is Acadian families. (The Richard side of our family.) We rented a 3-bedroom house in Shippagan, in the far northeastern area of the province. With a large family room in the basement, it was large enough to accommodate the four of us, plus JoAnna's Aunt Marie, cousin Mary, and niece Ivana. Breakfast was not always a family affair but a couple of evening meals were. Plus a screened-in porch was a great place for playing cards and Farkel -- relaxing after a long day of activities and sightseeing without feeling as though we were infringing on each other's space.

Just like tonight, at the end of Day 2 in Paris.

Living room

Kitchen-dining area.

Kitchen-dining area (alternate view).

On the street where we live.

living room (alternate view).

Hallway leading to bedroom (left), walk-in closet, bathroom (right).


Spiral staircase.

Well-secured front entrance.


Lake Mills Library said...

Looks like a good place.

Sheila Reinhard Augustine said...

Looks like a real nice place to stay. Very homey,the kind of place you can settle right in.