Friday, August 19, 2011

No Money to Fix A-C @ the Elmwood Place Branch Library

Lack of AC shuts down Elmwood Place library - again. (Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/19/2011)

Excerpt: For the second time this month Elmwood Place’s library has been shut down because the branch’s air conditioning isn’t working.

And it’s not clear when the branch, which is located in village hall, will reopen.

Village officials said they can’t afford to fix it and the library says it can’t either.

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County spokeswoman Amy Bannister said temperatures inside the branch soared to 90 degrees Thursday.

“Right now, we’re at a stalemate,” Bannister said. A permanent shut-down requires action by the library’s board.

Library officials and village leaders have had an on-going battle over the branch’s faulty air conditioning system. In the past the repair bill has been $1,000

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