Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Proposed Wisconsin Post Office Closings

Forget one possible option in a transition to a "Village Post Office".  Most of these communities are "un-libraried".

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Anonymous said...

Many of these towns are very small - less than 700 people so I agree that it would be cost effective to close them.

Anonymous said...

Less than 700 people? Try less than 100. The post office I'm thinking of should have been closed 8 years ago rather than building a new handicap accessible office. It's easier for the elderly to walk to a mail box at their house than to drive to the post office to go get their mail. Hopefully the post office is finally waking up.

Anonymous said...

I was an outside contractor at the large distribution center in Milwaukee for quite some time. I saw many good hard working people there. The problems I saw with the ones that ruined it was the greatest "lack of urgency" I have ever seen. I saw the "they owe me this job" mentality throughout every department. I saw people in groups hiding in the bathrooms playing dominoes during working hours and a supervisor stopping in to say hi. This was a daily event.
I saw people outside fishing in the Milwaukee river during working hours for upwards of two hours. It would take far too long to describe what I all saw. The "not my job" attitude was the most overused statement I had ever heard there. How can the Post office continue on when it's workforce doesn't want to participate? The cuts were inevitable. Time has come to clean out the lazy ones and reward the ones that came to work every day, the ones that gave the effort, the ones that believed in the system. I'm sad to see the ones that have made the Post Office their place to support their family with an honest days work lose their jobs. Thank the lazies for this.