Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two Rivers Library to Reduce Hours and Staff, Add Public Access Computers in 2011

Link to Herald-Times Reporter article by Library Director Jeff Dawson, "Changes coming to Lester Public Library".

Excerpt: We are going from 58.5 hours of operation per week to 51.5 hours of operation per week. The change is a reflection of tough economic times. During the three budget cycles I have been involved with, the library budget has relied on private funds to round out our overall budget. With 2008 bringing bad news economically at local, state and national levels, the Library Board and I agreed to utilize private funding to get us through. In 2008, private funding comprised 13 percent of our budget (more than $110,000). In 2009, it made up 16 percent, and in 2010, it was 14 percent. Over the past three years we have seen a significant decrease in those private funds available.

For 2011, the Library Board and I are looking to reduce reliance on private funding and utilize those private funds for improvements for services in other areas. Recent private funding included self-check machines and our Early Literacy Center

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