Friday, September 11, 2009

Michigan Library Supporters Rally for MeL

Link to September 11 Lansing State Journal article, "Librarians raise voices".

Excerpt: Hundreds of librarians and library advocates urged state legislators Thursday to maintain the current $10 million in local library funding for the upcoming budget year.

[A buzzer sounds.]

Let's hear what Larry Neal, Michigan Library Association president, has to say. (Quote in this 9/11 post.)

“We came to the Capitol steps today to ask the Governor and the Legislature to save MeL – the online library that’s accessible anytime, anywhere, and MeLCat, the statewide interlibrary loan system. Both of these services are at risk of collapsing if we do not receive $10 million in state aid to libraries – money that secures $5 million in federal funding for these vital programs.”

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Anonymous said...

Reading comments to the articles on the Michigan rally makes me wonder about some of the people who live in Michigan. Close the libraries? Let local support and charity fund libraries?