Friday, November 12, 2010

Better to Plan for a New Library Now Than When the Roof Starts to Leak

Fortunately, a full reading of this editorial leads me to believe the newspaper supports the project. The editorial board's main concerns are with the timing and financial impact of a proposed library/senior center facility.

Link to November 12 Marshfield News-Herald editorial, "Our view: Library, senior center project still needs input".

Excerpt: But it might be a difficult time to propose a new facility, no matter how well-planned it is. In struggling economy, taxpayers without as much disposable income (or maybe even a job) won't be inclined to watch their tax bills climb for a library and senior center. After all, it's not like we have rain leaking in the roof and ruining books.  [Emphasis added.]

The library isn't without challenges, however. Library staff have had to get creative to provide new programs and services for patrons as times and technology have changed. The library lacks a separate children's area, divided to cut down on noise. It's had to carve out space for computers and collections for items like DVDs. Meeting space isn't ideal, and the library wasn't designed for high-technology use. While it's not a bad space, it's not the ideal space for public space that gets so much use. Library use continues to grow, thanks in part to the economy. People looking for jobs or entertainment can find free resources at the library.

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