Thursday, February 20, 2020

UPDATE: Visualing the original Madison Public Library on West Mifflin Street

From Retiring Guy's postcard collection
Original 4/4/2009 post, "Visualing a new Madison Public Library", starts here.
"What would a remodeled Central Library look like?"  (Capital Times, 4/3/2009)  
So, I was at this meeting last week and was fascinated by Hammel, Green and Abrahamson's presentation on what could be done with the Central Library in terms of remodeling it.  I noticed Chris Rickert was there for the State Journal, so I saved writing about this untiol I could procure some of the visuals that HGA provided -- it's one thing to try to describe a rooftop expansion, but it's quite another to be able to show you exactly what I saw and let you see directly what $10 to $14 million can buy for the Central Library.
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