Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Meet the Blowhard Brothers: Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh

Source:  Wikipedia

Limbaugh: Trump said to 'never apologize' for my homophobic attacks.  (American Independent, 2/18/2020)
"Hell, the president even called me about this!" Limbaugh said. "He said, 'Rush, I just gotta tell you something. Never apologize. Don’t ever apologize.'" 
Limbaugh attempted to minimize the media firestorm over his comments. "I didn't lecture Mayor Pete on anything. I didn't say anything anti-gay. I didn't even offer an opinion of my own," he argued. 
Limbaugh even claimed Buttigieg was only a contender in the 2020 race because of his own praise. "I’m the reason Mayor Pete’s on the map! I’m the guy, after a CNN town hall at South by Southwest in 2019," he bragged. 
"I’m the guy that came in here and told you all, 'Be on the lookout for Mayor Pete.'"  [emphasis added]

According to Merriam-Webster, the first known use of 'blowhard', as in an arrogantly and pompously boastful or opinionated person : BRAGGART, WINDBAG, occurred in 1848.

Other coinages from the same year include:
  1. amen corner
  2. anti-nausea
  3. democratic socialism
  4. nutlet
  5. pixilated
  6. scalawag
  7. undermanned
  8. world view
  9. worm's eye

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