Saturday, February 22, 2020

UPDATE: Tony Evers is right. Caucuses are a form of voter suppression.

17.3% turnout.  Pathetic.  (2020 is shaping up to be not that much better.)

Sanders Projected To Win Nevada Caucuses, Solidifying Front-Runner Status.  (Used to be authoritative NPR, 2/22/2020)

Words not found in this report:
  1. voter(s)
  2. turnout
  3. percentage
  4. suppression

Meanwhile, Troy resigned.

Original 2/5/2020 post, "Dear Troy Price, Does not compute. Best, Retiring Guy", starts here.


Photo credit:  Cedar Rapids Gazette

Reported in Iowa Democratic Party chair apologizes for results reporting delays, calling process 'unacceptable'.  (Des Moines Register, 2/4/2020)

All in all, Tony Evers makes a good point.

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