Thursday, November 29, 2012

No Legs for "See You at the Top"

In LINKcat member library collections.  Ziglar is getting a bit of a bounce at Amazon.

2 copies of what's cataloged as a revised and expanded edition (1977) in LINKcat: Baraboo, Portage.  There are 51 library locations in LINKcat, including the 8 branches of the Madison Public Library.

3 copies of the 25th anniversary edition (2000) in LINKcat:  Ashman (Madison), Pinney (Madison), Reedsburg.  

A LINKcat author search for Zig Ziglar results in 35 hits.  A number of the records have just 1 holding attached.

Zig Ziglar New York Times obituary.

Although I've never read any of Ziglar's books, I have to say these "9 Steps to Get to the Top" very much reflect the way I live my life.

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