Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hold Your Nose While We Take a Look at the Wisconsin Reporter

Conservative groups create own news outlets to counter alleged liberal media bias.  (Capital Times, 11/27/2012)

The Food Chain

Conservative-leaning online media organization
Statehouse News Online
News project of the Franklin Center
Calls itself a nonpartisan organization
Division of Statehouse News

Here's the political cred of "veteran political blogger Kevin Binervsie", who, based on a quick sampling, apparently writes most of the commentary for the Wisconsin Reporter.
  • Served in the George W. Bush administration from 2007-2009
  • Worked on numerous state Republican campaigns, most recently as research director for Ron Johnson for Senate
  • Worked for the Heritage Foundation

Here's a commentary from M. D. Kittle, one of the Wisconsin Reporter's two staff members.

Liberal media sees itself as real victim in Kyle Wood case.  (11/2/2012)

Excerpt:  The story comes from Isthmus, Madison’s alternative weekly and online publication (voice of Che Guevara wing of Lib City U.S.A.). 

The Isthmus, fittingly on Halloween, published Judith Davidoff’s rambling media messianic complex headlined, “How the Kyle Wood hoax went viral: Self-proclaimed conservative watchdogs spurn reporting basics.” 

Let’s cut right to the marrow of this bad bone: Isthmus, like other liberal publications, is bitching and moaning about a “conservative story” that Isthmus and many of its brethren in the liberal and mainstream media (am I repeating myself here?) giddily ran with.

Fair and balanced, right?

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