Monday, November 26, 2012

AARP Policy Institute Report: Impact of Baby Boomers on U.S. Travel, 1969 to 2009

New Patterns of Travel.    Recently the historic pattern of year-over-year increases in vehicle miles of travel has shifted, and researchers and policymakers wonder if the recent declines indicate a historic turning point or are simply a product of the economic downturn that will rebound when the economy recovers.

JoAnna and I have recently talked about going from a 2- to 1-car household.

One type of travel that has seen astonishing growth and can be expected to continue growing is travel to access medical services.  (See Figure 7 on page 8 of report.)

The baby boomers, after decades of high vehicle use, may be shifting some of their travel to other means.

As  for JoAnna and me, we bike and take the bus more often..

And then there's the concept known as walkable communities.

It would be difficult to categorize all of Middleton as a walkable community, but the neighborhood where JoAnna and I live certainly fits the description.

Distance to

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