Monday, February 3, 2020

GET ME REWRITE: Rep. Dave Murphy remains silent on issue of more UW Extension agricultural agents

Reported in Amidst dairy crisis, call for more UW Extension agricultural agents sees some early support.  (, 2/2/2020

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12/14/2018 update, "Rep. Dave Murphy remains silent on issue of more UW Extension agricultural agents", starts here.

Committee chair request form (highlights added)

Speaker Vos Announces Assembly Standing Committees, Chairs. (Wisconsin State Assembly)

Mercifully. former UW-Extension Chancellor Cathy Sandeen exiled herself to Alaska Published statements notwithstanding, she simply followed orders and did the dirty work demanded of her by Scott Walker.   It didn't help that, as an outsider, she had a tenuous grasp on the Wisconsin Idea.

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Jeremy Thiesfeldt UPDATE. Wisconsin legislature with no public school experience reappointed as Assembly Education Committee chair.  (12/14/2018)
Assembly representative and former Coca-Cola salesman Romaine Quinn picked to chair Science and Technology Committee.  (12/14/2018)
Assembly representative, drive-in restaurant owner, and former stock broker/investment advisor Michael Schraa picked to chair Corrections Committee.  (12/14/2018)

Original 9/25/2016 post, "The world turned upside down:  Representative Dave Murphy (R-Greenville) receives UW Colleges and UW-Extension Friend and Advocate Award", starts here.

'Term papers' are found here.  Probably best to take some ibuprofen first.l

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