Thursday, December 5, 2019

GET ME REWRITE: Another rich white guy wants to own a major-league sports team

Think about it.  $12,900,000,000 net worth and not even in the top 100!

Average salary in the U.S.:  $46,000.  What's your net worth?

Steve Cohen in Talks to Buy Majority of Mets From Wilpons.  (The New York Times, 12/4/2019)
Apparently, all is forgiven.  It would also be the biggest step in the re-emergence of Mr. Cohen as a major player on the New York scene. Mr. Cohen, a billionaire who made his fortune in the hedge fund business, was a major figure in New York society and the art world when his fund became embroiled in a series of insider trading investigations that began after 2009. He was never charged with wrongdoing, but his firm ultimately paid nearly $2 billion in fines [not much more than pocket change, eh?] and he agreed not to manage outside money for two years.

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