Saturday, April 21, 2018

America goes gaga for Kerrygold butter

Kerrygold butter is shelved here.   
Photo by Retiring Guy

Kerrygold Butter’s Rise From Humble Countryside to American Favorite. (Eater, 4/17/2018)As of 2018,
Kerrygold is the second-best-selling branded butter in the U.S. The gold-wrappered import sold nearly 23,000 tons of butter in the U.S. last year, and $1 billion dollars worth in more than 80 markets worldwide. In the less than 20 years since its U.S. launch, it has outsold every brand except Land O’Lakes, which, since it was founded in 1921, enjoyed almost an 80-year head start.

At the Madison west side Woodman's, Land O' Lakes and Weyeuwega, a Wisconsin brand, rule.

 Kerrygold close-up

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