Monday, May 22, 2017

Greetings from Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

From Retiring Guy's postcard collection

In this Wikipedia photo of the former Bullock's Wilshire department store, you'll see no busy crowds; the sidewalk is empty. 

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Here's Your Chance to Tour the Iconic Bullocks Wilshire Building.  (Curbed, 7/12/2016)
For two days this month, the historic Bullocks Wilshire Building on will open to the public for tours and tea service. One of the most iconic structures in Los Angeles, the former department store has been occupied by Southwestern Law School since 1994. As such, it’s normally closed off to curious visitors, but on July 30 the school is offering docent-led tours of the building’s interior. 
Built in 1929, the Bullocks Wilshire once stood as a proud monument to the consumer culture of Los Angeles. With windows facing the street and a huge parking lot in the back, it was one of the first stores of its kind built with the automobile in mind. At the time of its construction, its familiar green copper spire was visible for miles around and beckoned shoppers to the Cathedral-like structure.

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