Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hilldale is Undergoing Yet Another Makeover

Although from the intersection of University and Midvale, you wouldn't know it.  (The crane is a piece of equipment from a different construction project.) 

You'll need to mosey to the back of the mall.

To check out the destruction.

As you can see from the sign, we can "expect the unexpected".

More than any other "neighborhood" shopping center in the Madison area, Hilldale has managed to keep pace with changing retail habits.   As noted on its redevelopment webpage....
Since opening in October of 1962, Hilldale has adapted to meet the needs of its shoppers. The center has continued to evolve and add shopping options that differentiate it in the Madison market.
A peek inside, approximately where Fannie May Candies and Morgan's Shoes used to be.

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