Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Reporter as Press Release Re-arranger

No need to take notes for this article.

Scott Walker replies to Tammy Baldwin, continuing debate over BadgerCare enrollment. (Capital Times, 5/27/2014)
Office of the Governor press release, 5/23/2104.  Letter to Tammy Baldwin.  (408 words)

Here is what I found wholly or mostly lifted from Walker's press release in Jessica VanEgeren's news article:
  • Under my predecessor Governor Jim Doyle, there was actually a waiting list for access to health care for many people living in poverty. Now, the list is gone. 
  • We sent you a more than 1,600-page report documenting all of the ways that our administration has worked with stakeholders from across the state to ease the transition into this marketplace.
  • As we know, the rollout of the program was problematic at the federal level.
  • I didn't want people to slip between the cracks because of the initial failures of the federal government.
  • Second, the ongoing problems with state exchanges, as well as problems with the federal exchange, suggest there may be problems with the law itself.
  • [I]t only seems logical that concerns about their ultimate status be directed to HHS, which operates the exchange, or to a critical review of the law itself. Clearly, your status as a member of the United States Senate should enable you to successfully direct this comprehensive review.
[163 words.]

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