Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Anything But Pacific: Bullets Fly When Local Control Goes Out the Window

Wisconsin: Makeshift shooting range pits neighbors against state. (St. Paul Pioneer Press, 5/26/2014)

The wild, wild western part of Columbia County.  Gunfire has rung out at Swan Lake for years but neighbors say it's getting out of control. Gun lovers are blasting away almost every day now and leaving behind so much debris that the site has become a dump.

The problems underscore the state's love affair with all things firearms and have put the Republican-controlled Department of Natural Resources in a delicate position as it works to promote shooting sports. Residents and local officials have pushed for three years to force the DNR to prohibit shooting on the land but the agency won't go that far. DNR officials hope to release an alternative plan soon but local leaders want more.

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