Thursday, August 25, 2011

Viroqua Library Applies for $750,000 Community Development Block Grant

Viroqua approves CDBG application for library. (Vernon County Broadcaster, 8/17/2011)

Excerpt: A written agreement between the McIntosh Memorial Library and Viroqua City Council stipulated that the library will take responsibility for all costs associated with building a new library.

The library is applying for $750,000 in Community Development Block Grant Public Facilities money specifically designated for construction of new libraries, but the grant has to be submitted by the city, which led to questions and concerns from the council. With the agreement completed, the council unanimously authorized submittal of the grant application on behalf of the library.

The letter states that the city administrator will submit the grant, completing the funding matrix where a city contribution of $1.25 million would be placed.

"This request is being placed with the stipulation and understanding that the City of Viroqua shall not be liable or responsible, nor is the city council agreeing to fund the designated value but is only allowing for the placement of the value to maximize the grant application's potential for funding on behalf of the library," the library stated in the letter

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