Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Now Comes the Hard Part for Fond du Lac Public Library: Convincing Their Customers They Made the Right Move

Letter: FdL Public Library shortsighted. (Fond du Lac Reporter, 7/19/2011)

I have written the following letter to the Fond du Lac Public Library:

“I am deeply disappointed and disturbed to learn that the Fond du Lac Public Library no longer will be part of the
Winnefox System[Specifically, FDLPL is leaving the Winnefox Automated Library Services shared computer system, not the public library system itself.]

“This is, quite frankly, a stupid, short-sighted move that I believe the library will regret, I suspect sooner rather than later.

“Times of economic troubles are when libraries need to step up to the plate and hit a home run for their communities. It is my opinion that the Fond du Lac Public Library has failed to do so up until now (by not expanding hours, etc.), and with this move the library has struck out.”

As I'm sure the FDLPL board and staff are aware, a successful public relations effort will require more than this passive approach.

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