Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Job Hunt: Employers are looking at more than your resume

Social Media History Becomes a New Job Hurdle.  (The New York Times, 7/21/2011)

ExcerptCompanies have long used criminal background checks, credit reports and even searches on Google and LinkedIn to probe the previous lives of prospective employees. Now, some companies are requiring job candidates to also pass a social media background check.

A year-old start-up, Social Intelligence, scrapes the Internet for everything prospective employees may have said or done online in the past seven years.

Then it assembles a dossier with examples of professional honors and charitable work, along with negative information that meets specific criteria:

The social media checklist buzzkills

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Gerard said...

I wonder how deeply they successfully dig?

So many users of message boards use sign-in names unrelated to their real names. Users may never list their real name, or birthday, or location, or other unique identifiers.