Monday, March 16, 2020

Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald takes page after page out of the Mitch McConnell playbook (Clean water edition)

A bipartisan bill that provides increased assistance for rural well remediation, and passed the Assembly unanimously (97-0), is being held up by Senate Marority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.  His dickin' around put the bill in even further jeopardy now that we're in pandemic mode.

Reported in Farm groups tell senate: Time for action is now.  (Wisconsin State Farmer, 3/16/2020)

3/15/2020 update starts here.

Reported in Republican lawmakers keep job of Wisconsin's point person on coronavirus in limbo.  (Milwaukee Jounral Sentinel, 3/13/2020)

Original 11/15/2019 post starts here

Reported in Gov. Evers urges release of homelessness funding.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/14/2019)

Lame speculation, Riley.  The Assembly passed the bills 150 days ago.  How much time do GOP senators need to receive these assurances?  Have they even made any efforts to do so?

Retiring Guy wouldn't be surprised if the master of the manse Duey Stroebel also has his fingerprints on this score-settling and inhumanity.

Photo credit:  Urban Milwaukee

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