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GET ME REWRITE: Trump-backed Tom Tiffany underperforms in Duffyland, Wisconsin's 7th congressional district

Democratic challenger Tricia Zunker trims the GOP margin of victory by 6.7 percentage points.

Ballotpedia (2016 pres at Daily Kos)

Trump-backed Tom Tiffany retains northern Wisconsin congressional seat for GOP.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/13/2020)

2/10/2020 update, "Republican Tom Tiffany and Democrat Tricia Zunker are running in Wisconsin's 7th congressional district to fill Sean Duffy's vacant seat", starts here.

Vote tallies found at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

State Sen. Tom Tiffany, Tricia Zunker advance in party primaries for 7th congressional district.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/19/2020)

Jason Church threws shade at Tiffany during a Wisconsin Public Radio debate broadcast. 

10/21/2019 update, "Who will run in Wisconsin 7th congressional district now that Sean Duffy has announced his resignation?", starts here.

Here's the slate to date

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Reported in Wausau's Tricia Zunker Aims To Be Wisconsin's First Native American Congresswoman.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 10/14/2019)

Reported in Wisconsin Democrats vie for House Seat.  (Duluth News Tribune, 10/14/2019)

10/18/2019 update starts here.

Opela campaign: Announces his run for District 7, Wisconsin as Republican.  (WisPolitics, 9/30/2019)

Brief biography.

10/16/2019 update starts here

Reported in Combat veteran Jason Church enters race for 7th Congressional District, setting up GOP primary against Tom Tiffany.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/24/2019)

9/29/2019 update starts here.

Meet climate denier and congressional candidate Tom Tiffany

Reported in DNR Secretary Preston Cole urges return to climate change research.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/28/2019)

In Congressional Campaign Launch, Tiffany Takes A Dig At Democrats.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 9/10/2019)
In his time in the Legislature, Tiffany was a strong advocate in the state's push to bring the Gogebic Taconite mining company to northern Wisconsin. He led a successful effort to change Wisconsin’s environmental laws in order to ease the path for the company to create a iron mine in northern Wisconsin. The project became a lightning rod for environmentalists and the subject of multiple legal challenges. The company ultimately pulled out of Wisconsin in 2015 without completing the mine. 
In a statement, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin referred to Tiffany as "Toxic Tom Tiffany," a reference to the project, and said he has a "record of putting corporate special interests before the health and well-being of his constituents."

Required reading for Tom Terrific.
Great Lakes states are warming faster than the rest of the country, more flooding is in store, new report says.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/22/2019)
What Will Wisconsin's Climate Look Like In The Future?  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 12/16/2017)
Climate change is here: Wisconsin is seeing earlier springs, later falls, less snow and more floods.  (Capital Times, 11/15/2017)
What climate change means for Wisconsin.  (EPA, August 2016)

9/1/2019 update starts here.

State Senator Tom Tiffany, 61, drops hints about running.

Reported in Tiffany Hints He Is Seriously Considering Congressional Run.  (WXPR, 8/27/2019)

Source:  Ballotpedia

We don't want Tom Terrific to represent Wisconsin in Congress:
Tiffany's and Jarchow's Bad Defense of Their Pro-Polluter Policies.  (Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, 1/6/2017)
In a recent column in the Wisconsin State Farmer by Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Adam Jarchow, the Republican legislators tried to turn their anti-environmental records into badges of honor. 
“We have the audacity to take on the environmental left,” they said. 
What they really mean is they’ve never met a polluter they didn’t like. They back every frac-sand mining operation and every factory farm in the state. Sen. Tiffany himself played a nasty role in the elimination of the science bureau at the DNR, and he was the l ead author of a budget amendment that limited local communities’ ability to protect water quality in shoreland areas, an amendment that Jarchow also supported. Now they vow to make it even easier for polluters in Wisconsin, which is the last thing we need.

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8/31/2019 update starts here.

State Senator Janet Bewley, 67, says it's not something to which she aspires.

Reported in State Senator Bewley Likes Current Job, But Getting Calls To Run.  (WXPR, 8/28/2019)

Compared to Petrowski, Bewley won her two state senate races by slim margins.

Source:  Ballotpedia

8/30/2019 update starts here.

State Senator Jerry Petrowski, 69, is giving it some serious thought.

Reported in Wisconsin Sen. Jerry Petrowski considers run for Sean Duffy's congressional seat.  (Wausau Daily Herald, 8/28/2019)

Jerry won his first election to the Assembly by a narrow margin, but since then he has always defeated his challenger by double-digit margins.

Sources:  Wisconsin Blue Book (1998), Wisconsin Elections Commission (1998-2008), 
Ballotpedia (2010-2018)

Solid track record.

We also have a joke candidate.

Veteran, Spencer Zimmerman, announces campaign to replace Duffy in Congress.  (WJFW, 8/28/2019)
According to a statement, Zimmeran will base his party affiliation on who the eventual Democratic Presidential nominee is and whether the "nomination process has been conducted fairly." 
Recently, Zimmerman received 5.5% of votes [243 votes] in the 2019 Democratic primary for Wisconsin Assembly District 64 which covers parts of Kenosha Co. and Racine Co. 
Zimmerman also ran unsuccessfully in the Republican primary for Secretary of State in 2018.  [28.6% of the votes in the Republican primary]
Since 2010, Zimmerman has campaigned as a Republican for multiple Wisconsin Assembly seats and a Nebraska Senate seat.  [Special Republican primary for State Assembly District 42 on May 15, 2018:  118 votes (5.5%); finished 4th out of 4.  Special Republican primarhy for State Senate District 58 on December 156, 2017:  37 votes (1.2%); finished 4th out of 4.]

Original 8/27/2019 post starts here.

Election results since the end of the Dave Obey era.

Source:  Ballotpedia

Democrat Dave Obey had a lock on the 7th CD for four decades.  The Tea Party wave flipped this seat big-time.

Congressman Sean Duffy to resign in September, cites family reasons.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/27/2019)
So far, no candidates have come forward expressing their intention to run in a deeply red district that would present a formidable challenge for any Democrat. UW-Madison political science professor Barry Burden said “it’s not impossible” for a Democrat to win, but that structural factors, particularly the way the district was drawn in 2011, favor Republicans.

Possible candidates:

Trump's America

Sources:  CNN, Daily Kos

Trump won Wisconsin by just 22,748 votes.

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