Friday, December 24, 2010

Ralph Illick Will Be Missed at the Pauline Haass Public Library

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Link to December 21 Sussex Sun article, "Librarian Illick leaving Pauline Haass".

Excerpt: "You cannot leave, we won't let you," a Pauline Haass Library patron said emphatically to Reference Librarian Ralph Illick when she learned that he would become director of the Marathon County library system next month.

Illick, with his passion for research and propensity for helping people, has been for the past eight years a fixture at the reference desk located near the center of the library.

Recently, another library patron was observed walking up to Illick's desk with a list of about a half a dozen books about horses. She asked Illick if he could help her find the books. Within minutes, he had not only found the books on her list, but added six other books that he recommended.

"His work ethic is beyond what is expected or required of the position. When you go to him and ask for help finding a book. He does more than just point you in the right direction. He gets up and walks with you to where the book is located," noted former Lisbon Town Chairman Mike Reed.

It was Reed who urged his local newspaper to write a story about Illick so his contribution to the community and the library would be better understood. The Pauline Haass Public Library is owned by the Town of Lisbon and Village of Sussex.

"It is not just the public that will miss Ralph," added Library Director Kathy Klager.

"He has a unique personality, and the staff will miss his consistent upbeat attitude, his amazing talent to mimic celebrities and politicians. On the first day he is gone, off to Wausau, our halls will be echoing with a quiet that was always filled with his humming," she added

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